Coming up with a title

Usually I don’t post about my books until it’s time to start marketing it, but alas I’ve come upon a stumbling block. My next book’s title. Here lies the issue; originally I was going to call it Brother’s by Flesh…however due to some unseen circumstances, the characters decided to take a few extra stops along the way!

Now I’m stuck. Because the character’s changed their minds, and someone surprised them into changing their companionship the title no longer fits. The title’s I’ve come up with so far haven’t awestruck me either.

Here’s my options:

1. Come up with a title after the book is written completely.

2. Come up with a title while writing

I just don’t remember the first title being this hard!

Sorry, just wanted to rant a little bit, and get out some of my frustration. Have a good day everyone =)

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